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Stories of teenagers from south Israel about their fear, feelings and LIFE.
written at 09.01.09, in 22:55

Another Reality
Danna Nuriel,17 years old , from Ashkelon


So it’s the weekend. It means that this week is over. And maybe this week there will be school.

This week started for me in a normal school atmosphere. I’ve been to Hadera for six days. Six days in which I’ve been out of Ashkelon, but Ashkelon stayed inside me. News, phone calls, anxieties…  Some really not pleasant recalls of the fact that even if I ran away, there’s still a war in the shout. And I missed home. So Tuesday evening I already got home.

When I came back I got not such a good welcoming. An alarm. Instinctively I dragged myself and my dog to the shelter, and closed the door. .. While I was waiting for the explosion sound, as I always do, I was thinking… Why do I get into the shelter anyway? (to protect myself). From what?? (From a direct hit on my house).

And then it hit me.
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written at 09.01.09, in 19:32

Eternal Optimism :)
Oz Ben Hamo, 16 years old from Ashkelon

Hello blog readers!

Today, the 1.1.09 is a special day, the first day of 2009. The day started of in a very good way, well I would say a good way. Until 11 o’clock there were no missiles, no sirens, complete quiet. Another thing that made my morning was a video from Kasie Rosenberg that made me feel happy and warmed my heart and soul. The video was attached to my wall on Facebook, and in the video Kasie and her friend tell me to keep safe and are interested in my wellbeing. Someone I haven’t spoken to in a long time, is interested in my wellbeing and has read my blog? Mine! Yes, yes mine! It took me a few minutes to retain the information that…

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written at 09.01.09, in 19:20

Routine in Ashdod
Roni Shandlov, 13 years old from Ashdod

Yesterday, around nine o’clock in the evening, imagine you’re having a quiet night. After a day without alarms and sirens, thinking you’re going for a long tiring day at school.

And then…you hear a siren, one that recently we hear once a day, not very frequently and usually a false alarm. You get in the shelter with mom, god knows where dad is now… waiting for the siren to end so that you can find out it fell in north Ashkelon… but then you hear a boom.

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