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Stories of teenagers from south Israel about their fear, feelings and LIFE.
written at 09.01.09, in 19:32

Eternal Optimism :)
Oz Ben Hamo, 16 years old from Ashkelon

Hello blog readers!

Today, the 1.1.09 is a special day, the first day of 2009. The day started of in a very good way, well I would say a good way. Until 11 o’clock there were no missiles, no sirens, complete quiet. Another thing that made my morning was a video from Kasie Rosenberg that made me feel happy and warmed my heart and soul. The video was attached to my wall on Facebook, and in the video Kasie and her friend tell me to keep safe and are interested in my wellbeing. Someone I haven’t spoken to in a long time, is interested in my wellbeing and has read my blog? Mine! Yes, yes mine! It took me a few minutes to retain the information that…

The post written by Oz from Ashkelon, reached all the way to the city of Baltimore, this moved me to tears, a wave of tears washed over me and I couldn’t stop it. I just watched the moving video again and again. I see the girls in the background making noise and having fun, routine, normal routine. She’s in America in her routine and her reality and I’m here in the shelter writing, long live the small difference.

So, after the morning experience, and the good start to the morning of 2009, how can you begin the morning without a siren. Well, at 12:30 the siren goes off, go down to the protective shelter room, a routine I have grown used to, and I think that a couple more days like this and I’ll just go insane. The “routine” that we’ve gotten into is really getting on my nerves, I haven’t set foot out of the house since Sunday, a huge frustration. But I’m looking at the glass half full; I’m nurturing my “baby”, this great and meaningful blog. And really every second I put in and improve, design the blog and give of myself is worth it. Worth it when I see the articles, the radio shows that I’m invited to and they fill me with great satisfaction and pride. Especially seeing Kasies video made my day and I think that it’s another climax point the blog has reached, overseas into the homes of American kids and has managed to change their life even in the slightest way- I’ve done my part.

I can check that off the list in my diary, “crossed the country borders”, well I’ve crossed it off anyway. I think that there are many more places that we still need to conquer. Ha ha this post is half optimistic, half not. Depends on which way you read the post, from right to left or from left to right ha ha…

We’re getting back into the daily routine, again missiles falling but I’ve had enough of telling about that, it takes the fun out of writing, this time I’ll write about the high points of the day. At 1pm I got a phone call from the site “Ashkelonim” that wants to interview me about the blog. I’ve told you this blog is already a part of me, officially anyway.

And the rest of the day, about the bombings and missiles, I’m sure some of you already saw on television. To add depression and sorrow to such a happy and optimistic blog, n-o w-a-y!! I like to say- So let’s just skip those parts till we get to these moments, the moments when I write to you and appeal to your hearts.

I think this is the appropriate place to write: “how a blog is born…like a baby, at first it hurts and then rolls out and everyone’s happy, and oh how nice, he walks on his own, how a blog is born like a b-a-b-y!” (* well known Hebrew children’s song “How a Song is Born” *). I feel like my head is in the clouds in these moments, and I think that you all (my readers) deserve a lot of love and appreciation. Look what you’ve achieved- that I don’t care about the Grad missiles, that all I’m interested in and dealing with is the blog. You, my readers and all whoever is involved in this also deserve a big round of applause; I’m sitting here applauding you all. To all of you that are passing on the message about the blog, are telling the story, that are putting it in there status, are joining the group (on Facebook). Thanks to all of you, I’m finding it easier, and dealing with the reality is easier, because I’m focused on the blog. Keep on being so amazing, because without you I wouldn’t be having so much fun!

Love you guys and may we all have a fun and quiet weekend!

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