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Stories of teenagers from south Israel about their fear, feelings and LIFE.
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It won’t reach us here
Lior Amber,15 years old,Bear Sheva



Hello, my name is Lior and I’m 15 years old from Be’er Sheva.

I’d heard of this website a few days ago. I started reading the experiences described here and I was glad that I wasn’t the one going through them.

So up until a few hours ago that was true. Around 8:50 there was a siren (the sound rising and falling).

Actually, I didn’t even hear anything and I didn’t think it would reach us here, so I had no worries.

I was watching a television show and suddenly my mom called me: “Lior, Lior…”


And then suddenly my younger brother. I thought she was calling me to come and help him with something (as usual).

At first I ignored her, but then she just carried on, so I yelled from my room: “what??”

She shouted back and said: “the siren is going, come down quickly!!!”

I opened the door and ran quickly to the protective shelter room. The big problem we had was that we have a dog. He didn’t want to go in at first. After about 30 seconds I started pulling him into the protective shelter room and locked it shut.

That’s how we waited for 5 suspenseful and scary minutes.

I told my mom that it’s probably a practice drill because the siren was so weak and barely heard. I didn’t even know what to think anymore. Today they did two practice drills against Kassamim (missiles) at school, and I thought that this is a drill for the whole public and not just for the students.

I was pretty scared, and my younger brother started asking lots of questions that kept making me nervous.

My mom said that she doesn’t think it makes sense that a practice drill wasn’t announced.

After 5 minutes we heard from the television that was left on in my parent’s room that a rocket fell in Be’er Sheva, so we decided to get out of the shelter. We carried on listening and they said at first that there were 3 bombings. My mom and I were shocked.

Finally they announced that two rockets fell: one in a kindergarten, and the other one outside of be’er Sheva.

I didn’t believe that it would reach be’er sheva, and since the siren I keep hearing the siren, open the door of my room and find that it’s all in my imagination…

I wish that people didn’t have to experience the fear that comes with a rocket, a missile and I don’t know what else they have.

I want to say to all the kids in the areas that were hit to keep being strong and not give in to this situation. Be strong and preserver! And good luck!!

 With kind wishes, god willing, Lior.


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