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Stories of teenagers from south Israel about their fear, feelings and LIFE.
written at 09.01.09, in 19:10

“With a Finger on the Pulse”
Andree Boktay, 17 years old from Ashkelon

“The IDF has entered Gaza”- the main headline on all the news broadcasts since last night.

Morning- a new day, a quiet day but it starts off exactly the same way as the last 7 days have- news. “30 injured mildly and 2 injured badly but are stable” and straight after that “a Grad missile landed in Shderot, a woman was mildly injured”. A Grad missile?! Shderot?! Thousands of questions, no answers- there is fear, great fear… if a Grad missile that has a range of 20 km landed in Shderot, so there is a big chance that a Katusha (missile) that has a range of 40 km could land on Ashkelon, missiles that up until now have been landing on Ashdod and Ber-Sheva.

We mustn’t relax now, there is still a risk, a big risk… for the past week we haven’t left the house, only if we really have to, and even then every second you’re out you’re looking for a protective area or shelter, just in case… dozens of calls a day with offers to come and stay up north and in the central region- “no thanks, I’m staying here for now!”- the same answer to everyone. Sorrow, I remember the past, last year- 10th grade, and I’m sorry for every moment, regreting the fact that in the 60 hours community service project, I wasted all 60 hours on training in sports instead of volunteering at Mad”a (the red cross) – a place I could be helping out now, when it’s most needed…

It’s hard here, war… a tense atmosphere that is mixed with feelings of longing and worrying, worrying for the soldiers, some of whom really feel like older brothers to me, just hoping that they will return home safely…

There are many more things about the war that haven’t been told yet, like all the hacking the Hamas have arranged on the internet- ICQ, messenger, websites, servers, e-mails etc’…everything will be told…

That’s it for now, I’m Andree Boktay, 17 years old from Ashkelon- a teenage boy that is living in a reality under the missiles and is worried for the soldiers

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