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Stories of teenagers from south Israel about their fear, feelings and LIFE.
written at 09.01.09, in 19:20

Routine in Ashdod
Roni Shandlov, 13 years old from Ashdod

Yesterday, around nine o’clock in the evening, imagine you’re having a quiet night. After a day without alarms and sirens, thinking you’re going for a long tiring day at school.

And then…you hear a siren, one that recently we hear once a day, not very frequently and usually a false alarm. You get in the shelter with mom, god knows where dad is now… waiting for the siren to end so that you can find out it fell in north Ashkelon… but then you hear a boom.

The first thing you think is- where’s dad, maybe one of my friends was hurt…was someone killed?

You go on the internet and validate your suspicions and worries- someone was killed and as a mater of fact a Grad missile did fall in Ashdod…pretty much in the center, on a bus station.

The lines were down, we can’t locate dad.

Relatives barely managed to call…because the lines were down.

Then we hear dad get home, he’s fine.

But the fact that dad is fine doesn’t mean someone else is fine.

Seven injured, one dead and many that are in shock.

Just as you think it’s over, about half an hour after, when you’re on your seventh dream about winning the lottery, the siren goes off…while you’re sleeping.

That’s basically what a non-typical day in Ashdod sounds like.

Today, my aunt has agreed to have me stay with her in Rishon Letzion, so I’m here now.

But that didn’t prevent me from hearing that another Grad missile fell in Ashdod around an hour and a half ago- siren, boom…this time I heard it from others, my friends.

The friends that are always supportive and I support them…that yesterday had said that they would go far from Ashdod if another Kassam (missile) fell…so the time has come.

So goodbye friends…see you after the war <3

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