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Stories of teenagers from south Israel about their fear, feelings and LIFE.
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Our Reallity

Youth from towns and villages situated at the south of Israel share their experiences and life routine with youth from other parts of Israel and the whole world. Feelings, fears, day to day routine, we create a friendly connection and keep up to date.

Through the “Join My Life” project teens in the south will get web cameras to help them describe their lives and share moments of what they are forced to go through, many of them, for years.

The list of participating bloggers will be uploaded soon.

Video posts and online conversations will be available in the future.

Donate a web camera to the children of the south:

The cameras are very important and valuable for an honest and immediate transmission of our reality. Real daily footage of the secure rooms or shelters, the constant pressure, the parents who can’t sleep, the horrific sirens – all these are eye level clips coming from the field, to illustrate the life of the Israeli youth forced to live under bombing for years.

To donate a camera please email:

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