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Stories of teenagers from south Israel about their fear, feelings and LIFE.
written at 09.01.09, in 19:10

“With a Finger on the Pulse”
Andree Boktay, 17 years old from Ashkelon

“The IDF has entered Gaza”- the main headline on all the news broadcasts since last night.

Morning- a new day, a quiet day but it starts off exactly the same way as the last 7 days have- news. “30 injured mildly and 2 injured badly but are stable” and straight after that “a Grad missile landed in Shderot, a woman was mildly injured”. A Grad missile?! Shderot?! Thousands of questions, no answers- there is fear, great fear… if a Grad missile that has a range of 20 km landed in Shderot, so there is a big chance that a Katusha (missile) that has a range of 40 km could land on Ashkelon, missiles that up until now have been landing on Ashdod and Ber-Sheva.

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written at 01.01.09, in 14:31

It won’t reach us here
Lior Amber,15 years old,Bear Sheva



Hello, my name is Lior and I’m 15 years old from Be’er Sheva.

I’d heard of this website a few days ago. I started reading the experiences described here and I was glad that I wasn’t the one going through them.

So up until a few hours ago that was true. Around 8:50 there was a siren (the sound rising and falling).

Actually, I didn’t even hear anything and I didn’t think it would reach us here, so I had no worries.

I was watching a television show and suddenly my mom called me: “Lior, Lior…”

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written at 01.01.09, in 13:44

Live In A New Reallity
Nofar Huri, 17 and half years old from Beer Sheva



 My name is Nofar Huri, 17 and half years old from Beer Sheva, Israel.

 Beer Sheva? Yes yes Beer Sheva.

It got to us as well.

 Today is Wednesday 12.31.2008

I got up with the clock’s alarm; I was supposed to go to the recruiting office.

Now I can only dream about getting out of the house.

The Red Color Alert started right after I got up and my father and I ran downstairs to the bomb shelter, I was too tired for talking, but the first thing that came out from my mouth was: “Those motherfucking arabs, let me sleep.”

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